Longing for rain..... or only the crumbliest, flakeyist, chocolate!?

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

We have been longing for rain on the garden and to help fill our huge water tank. Finally, after many rain dances, or chasing pheasants..... similiar I think? the heavens opened. The soil greatly needed a good drink (don't we all!) and, although no longer gasping, could still do with a few more rounds!

We are furiously planting out huge numbers of seedlings while weeding, watering and cutting. It's that time of year when there are not enough hours. Our Lupins are superb this month, so much so that I find it hard to sell them. Today I stood amongst the swathes of swaying blue and pink cornflowers. They mesmerize me and the bees that tenaciously stay upon them as they sway. We are using some for a lovely country wedding this Saturday.

I have perfected a wonderful whoop to forewarn pheaseants that my puppy Willow is about to take their tail feathers. It's very effective but Alastair has not quite mastered it yet and sounds more like he has stepped on a thorn!

I felt it was time to let you all see the beauty that is willow... although I feel she may overshadow the flowers...... no easy job!

Our roses are in bud and the delightful scented sweet peas will be ready to cut this week. We are digging holes for some new Dahlia tubers. I can't wait to see them later in the year as we have some unusual flowers in smokey pinks and creams.

Our plan to take control of the lower garden by seeding it with grass to then cut beds into it has worked well. This was a heavy weed area. However, it looks so simple and fresh as it is I keep getting the urge to run across it pretending I'm in a flake advert rather than in a garden. I think Alastair may think me totally insane if he sees a large plump woman attempting to serenly cross a bumpy field with a chocolate bar in her hand, when I'm meant to be watering the sweet peas. For some reason I must be wearing a flowery dress and floppy straw hat when I attempt this goddess run. Hopefully, having worked with me for a year and a half he has a fondness for madness!x The plump gardener x


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