The wrong trousers..... or the wrong Knickers!?

Sunday, 11 April 2010

We have been working incredibly hard this week, a so called 'spring clean' of the garden. Laying wood chip paths, weeding, painting the tea room (garden shed!) inside and out. We are all usually muddy, exhausted and hungry as we trudge mindlessly into the tea room taking little note of our surroundings. We decided Spring was a good excuse to perk up the place..... and as part of our eco friendly regime I decided to use paint that has sat in our garage for aons. This resulted in the walls being a glories fuschia pink and the ceiling a shocking aqua blue. It would be great for a sixties movie and Alastair says it's a perfect match to my lipstick. My mum, Poppy, a friend Glynnis and I all contributed in the final painted masterpiece. However, it was only as I washed up, swept out and added fresh parrot tulips in jam jars that I really felt like Calamity Jane in changing our little cabin into something rather fetching!

We have obviously made it very appealing as Dave our part time gardener was almost ravaged by two pheasants fighting in the tea room as he went for his morning cuppa. We are not sure if we have to log this in our health and safety book? Pheasant pecking below knees????Armour recommended?

The week continued to go with much hilarity and disaster as I have a stinking cold and have to keep stopping to blow my nose, this was the same day that Dave and I were rolling up vast sheets of black weed control material. This means that you are constantly bent over. It soon became apparent that I was wearing the wrong Knickers for the job!!!! every few minutes I had to say, "sorry Dave, could we stop I've got to blow my nose, sorry Dave could we stop I've got to pull my knickers up... and so on and so on....... this led to an active discussion between Dave, Alastair and I on the best knickers for the job. I confirmed that I didn't have the bottom or the desire to try a thong but my current bridget jones knicker collection was not up to the job! We concluded that I should try boxer shorts from now on.... I just keep getting sexier and sexier with this job.

My final disaster for the day involved my tripping over a pole and falling heavily I was initially so concussed and in pain that I feared moving my arms. They had taken the brunt of the fall and I'm very heavy! Our gorgeous overly fluffy plum Norfolk terrier, Willow, decided that this was an opportune moment to sit on my face and lick me to within an inch of my life. Dave rushed over to see if I was o.k but it is difficult to say with a plump puppy sitting on your face!

Still the weather was glorious this week, and I have to admit I've had a few things going on personally that have given me a slightly stressful week but as I enter the garden and I get hotter and grubbier..... with my skin warmed by the sun and the sheep bleeting in the valley surrounding us...... I find that I leave tired but glowing and with a kind of peace and a smile on my face x


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