The Spring Campaign!

Friday, 12 March 2010

I can't believe we are near to starting a new season all over again. Where has the time gone. Alastair has had the short straw and spent many more days in the freezing cold garden, than I, this winter. We have spent our time wisely preparing for the new season. The greenhouse has been cleaned, we have both been scrubbing pots..... amazing for me, as you never usually see me near the washing up! We have just started our early seed trays and can't wait to get all of our babies in their beds. Our first flowers are through, paperwhites, lovely scent. Unfortunately, the cold had delayed our tulips a little, they are just beginning to peak through the ground.

The rats moved into the tea room over winter and finding no food, decided to lunch on our thick blue water pipe. They must have been very hungry as lots of it has gone!

Horse manure is now arriving in regular loads which will bring joy to Willow my dog! I'm sure in my city days I smelt of expensive perfume, but nowdays, on a good day, I smell of wood smoke from the wood burning stove and on bad days, once willow has wallowed through manure, blood, fish and bone and leaf mould, I have a nice wet doggy pungent scent about me. Very earthy!

We have chosen some gorgeous and unusual seedlings this year and I particularly can't wait for new Dahlia tubers we are trying. Dahlias have crept into my favourite flower list, probably at number 5.

We still have a list of jobs to finish before the season really kicks off, eviction notice to the rats!, paint the shed, finish the big pathway, spread the manure...... it should all help lose the winter pounds I've gained. We are also sowing a small patch of grass near our little tea room haven. Alastair has said that I'm not allowed to tread on it, obviously I gained more weight over winter than I realized!


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