It's all coming up Roses... or potatoes!

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

I can't believe we are nearing our anniversary in the Walled garden. We have certainly made dramatic changes to the top half of the garden. It is unrecognizable from the sad and unloved garden that I viewed almost a year ago. September's mellowness and light makes me stop more often and look at what we have achieved... it still seems unreal that we have all created something so beautiful.

Alastair has been a Godsend and calmly organized everyone to keep the project on track.

I caught my foot in the Dahlia netting and fell full body weight, face down into the wood chip... earth tremors were felt across the region! I quietly got up and removed soil and splinters from my hair, having gained some stonking bruises and a large dent to my pride.

Our Scabiosa have been truly sumptuous in wine velvets, lilacs and peaches... I keep thinking I have found my favourite flower and something new and gorgeous comes along. The Zinnias seen somehow out of place in September, so bright and vibrant surely should be a July flower! The butterflies love them.

Poppy (my daughter) has helped wonderfully with weeding through the summer holidays and while fantastically learning lots of the latin names quicker than me... Miss goldfish memory.... she did ask if that is a 'Hyperthermia' the other day!... Hydrangea I think she was aiming at!.... we only grow the Hyperthermia in January and February!!!!! As you can see she is as stunning as our flowers.

And... who says Romance is dead.... I have had a lovely treat delivered by our 80 year old tractor driver, a sack of Maris Piper potatoes, grown in his field..... and he's got REDS as well if I want them!... how kind... I shall never go short of a roast potato and of course shall have to remain the Plump gardener! x


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