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Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Dear all

Its been a long while since my last blog... mainly because we have been working our socks off in the garden and in selling our beautiful flowers. Where should I start... we loved and cherished 6000 seedlings this year and initially thought we would never get them into the ground as the soil was so hard. Why worry!..... eventually the English weather performed as expected and we had a steady stream of rain and shine to help us on our way. We have had many lovely helpers along the way, my mum, a friend from Saffron Walden, (Chris), my lovely daughter Poppy (watch out for her on Gardener's world in 10 years time) and more recently, taking a break from the city, Graham. Combined with our fabulous gardening team we have managed to fill the 1st two acres of our wonderful garden. Alastair the head gardener, has kept us on course and trained us along the way. My latin names have come on a treat, just don't ask me to spell them!

We have had a succession of amazing flowers, double cosmos, cornflower (stunning blue), marigolds, hydrangea, old English roses, nicotiana, nigella, sweet peas (of course!) to name but a few..... and at last our sad empty garden has come back to life. My favourite times are when everyone is in and the bees, ladybirds and butterflies fill the garden. You feel as though time stands still and it could be Victorian gardeners bent over the soil and flowers giving their love and attention. In terms of sheer beauty the garden is at its most stunning after a rain downpour on a warm day... as the sun warms the garden and the mists lift off the flowers its simple tranquility is a joy to behold.

We are now regulars at many farmers markets. We were delighted to supply our flowers for a big 21st party all starting from the sale of a small bunch of ranunculus.... a little bunch of perfection... according to the client!.... lovely..... and a real pleasure was making our first wedding and bridesmaid bouquet from our garden flowers. A mixture of sweet peas, old English roses for the bride and cornflowers and nigella for the bridesmaid.

About to bloom in the garden are Rubeckia. Dahlias are coming on a treat and Zinnias to look forward to. It's a never ending cycle as we will soon planning for the next season and are busy in the green house with the biennials now.......

Thank you everyone who has bought our flowers this year and especially to staff, friends and family who have carried us along.

Physically I am more dexterous! as promised by Alastair but all this hard work makes a girl hungry.... I think I shall always be the Plump Gardener! x


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