The Ice Queen!

Tuesday, 17 March 2009

January - February

Having battled through snow and blizzards to check that our one poly tunnel greenhouse had survived the storms, I found it was heavily pregnant with a huge belly of snow and threatening delivery at any moment!

One side of the polly tunnel nestles against the elderly wall which stops snow escaping naturally. My plan was to dislodge the compacted snow and hope it would create an avalanche into the guttering and away.

There I stood on an upturned wheel barrow, directly below the guttering and holding a large hose pipe, valiantly spraying water on the roof of the poly tunnel while longingly remembering my days in the city of immaculate sturdy buildings, with flushable toilets and a range of cosy bars in walking distance.

Movement, ice slide and freezing cold water started to converge.... however; I had not foreseen that when the torrent of ice and water rushed down the guttering, I was standing directly beneath it!!!!

Cold..... Cold....Cold.... One benefit of being on a remote garden is that no one can hear you swearing!


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