From small acorns...

Friday, 20 March 2009


Parrot tulips, ranunculus, anenomes, and alliums have made an appearance and I am delighted to see them in different stages of growth spurt. I'm especially pleased to see their survival given that some became the a la carte menu of a local mouse. We tried to tempt him with a small mouse bungalow, designed for movement to a new and friendlier location!... but he deserted us before we had the chance to catch him.

We have spotted a weasel in the garden so he may have become an a la carte dinner for him! We are all so keen to get started with the seedlings, even knowing that we have a huge, huge task ahead of us of care and planting out. Yet, Spring brings a naive enthusiasm that overcomes the thought of many hours of raking and planting out ahead. Plus, Alastair, the head gardener, has assured me, a novice, that I will be amazingly dexterous by the end of it.... never a word associated with me in the past!


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